Jonas Wandeler is a graphic designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He has recieved a BA in graphic design at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and a MA in cultural publishing at the Zurich University of the Arts. As a founding member of Atlas Studio, he has established a collective practice with Claudio Gasser and Martin Andereggen since 2011. He was a visiting professor at écal (école cantonale d'art de lausanne) from 2012 till 2022, has been giving workshops and holding lectures in art schools and institutions in and outside of Switzerland. In 2023 he initiated the book podcast nicht nur schön with curator Laura Breitschmid.

This website is a fragmentary collection of collaborative projects, independent publishing and teaching activities in the field of graphic design. For commissioned work have a look the website of Atlas Studio. For further inquires send an email to hello[at]

Publication for the department of cultural publishing at Zurich University of the Arts. This glossary of serendipity gathers 100 entries by 15 authors, illustrators and photographers reshuffled in a random order for each of the 300 copies. In collaboration with Thomas Le Provost and Romain Cazier.

Poster workshop with students from the Zurich University of the Arts during the exhibition Protest! Resistance Posters (with Atlas Studio)

Poster Workshop at A School, A Park, a summer school programme in Montréal initiated by Sean Yendrys (with Atlas Studio)

Post Post was a one week performance workshop with Moriz Oberberger presented during a pop up exhibition and a small publication at Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem, Netherlands

Series of letterpress posters designed and printed by students at the print shop El Boqueron in Buenos Aires during écal summer school, initiated with Diego Bontognali and Angelo Benedetto)

Poster campaign for the Opera House Lausanne by photography student Benoît Jeannet and graphic design students Tancrede Ottiger and David Scarnà, selected after a workshop at écal (with Atlas Studio and Philippe Jarrigeon).

Publication presenting the personal newspaper clip collection of the legendary German tattoo artist Herbert Hoffmann. Co-published with Mirjam Fischer and Heidi Eisenhut at Limmat Verlag

Poster workshop organized with Dafi Kühne for the inauguration of Zurich Academy of the Arts’ new location. Series of five A0 posters designed and cut in lino and printed with a steam roller by Afrika, Eric Andersen, Atlas Studio (displayed above), Marlon Ilg and Simon Trüb.

Blitz silkscreen workshop in the basement of Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam with students from the graphic design department of éracom Lausanne and poster artist and printer Kees Maas

«Nightshift» was an 36 hour overnight letter press poster printing workshop with an immediate exhibition of the results. Series of posters by Dafi Kühne, Diego BontognaliMads Brunse, Remo Caminada, Valentin Hindermann, Johann Kauth, Damiano Merzari, Edwin Pickstone, Pat Randle, Guðmundur Úlfarsson, Mihaly Varga and Lukas Zimmermann

«Part one» is an artist book realized in collaboration with Dutch artist Robin R. Waart. It reproduces a selection of 101 pages, each featuring only the words Part one/Part I/Part etc. Available for purchase here. Awarded as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books (2010) and the Most Beautiful Dutch Books (2011).

Reprint of a shirt advertising the artist movement De Stijl

Source image, De Stijl reproductions (clockwise from top left): model of the Red Blue Chair, box of matches, carrier bag with Andre Kertesz’s photograph of the hall in Mondrian ‘s studio, cassette tape of music liked by Mondrian, De StijJ T-shins, advenisement for the RietveJd restaurant, Amsterdam, in the form of the Zig-Zag chair, De StijJ architectural stamps on a postcard of 1969, and model kits of the Schröder house and the Oud Mathenesse site-manager’s hut.

Reprint of «Die Post als Künstlermedium», published in 1976 by artist Wolfgang Bickhardt-Botinelli as a manifesto for Mail Art in East Germany